Sign Saying Condos Are Not Hotels - Lobby of a Bangkok Condo

Being in the condo rental business we get a lot of enquiries from people asking to rent a condo for maybe a few days or a few weeks. We have to say 'No, we cannot help'.

We appreciate why they ask, it is because renting a condo for a month is a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel room of the same standard (normally) for a month.

We say we cannot help not to be awkward, but because it is against the law for a condominium owner or juristic office to allow such short term rentals. However, there are places similar to condominiums that are allowed to make short term rental deals, normally called apartments, serviced apartments and of course hotels. This might seem strange but the law is the law.

In the past a blind eye was turned with respect to this law, but now policy has changed and the authorities are enforcing the rules. In fact some condominiums have signs in their lobbies notifying people that the building is not a hotel and short term rentals are not allowed. One such sign is shown here. 

The reasons we have been given for the change of enforcement policy is that hotels were losing revenue; and the Immigration Police were not being notified of a foreigners place of residence. The Immigration Police should receive such notification within 24hrs of the foreigner moving in. In addition, actual long term condominium residents were upset at how strangers in their community came and went after a few days with little respect for others.

So if you want a short term rental, say of a few days or a week or two, I suggest you search Google 'short term rentals in....'  and see what you get -  or book a hotel :)

UPDATE: October 2019 - we are still getting enquiries for short term rentals even though we clearly state on our website that none of our landlords accept contracts of less than 6 months duration. The enquiries are getting more involved now, often a prospective client asks if he can rent a condo for a month and then possibly extend for 2 years. When we specify that a deposit equal to 2 months' rent as well as rent in advance is required, they run a mile. Were they really looking to rent long term? I doubt it. Long term renters fully understand the requirements.

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