24 October 2020

As we all know the Covid restrictions has led to a dramatic reduction in the numbers of people wanting to rent a condo in Bangkok. 

13 May 2020

We find it necessary to remind renters in Bangkok to check the way utility bills are paid when taking up a tenancy.

02 January 2020

This is a simple guide as to the process that you follow when you rent a condo or house through On Nut Condos in Bangkok. The basics are always the same, but some circumstances may make it slightly different.

How To Rent
01 February 2018

Starting in 2015 it was a requirement for a buyer of a SIM card to register the purchase using his or her personal details. This has now moved on and as of 1st February, 2018 they want bio-metric data as well. At first this was only going to apply to Thai nationals buying a SIM, but it appears it will be applied to foreigners as well.

05 January 2018

If you own a drone or are thinking of getting one, it is now a requirement that it is registered before it flies in Thailand.

A Typical Drone Flying
11 December 2017

- The following does not apply to the high end condo market

It seems that a very large number of people are wanting to sell their empty, low end to mid end condos located in my area of because it is so hard to find tenants. 

For Sale Sign