05 January 2018

If you own a drone or are thinking of getting one, it is now a requirement that it is registered before it flies in Thailand.

A Typical Drone Flying
11 December 2017

- The following does not apply to the high end condo market

It seems that a very large number of people are wanting to sell their empty, low end to mid end condos located in my area of because it is so hard to find tenants. 

For Sale Sign
23 November 2017

Lumpiniville Condos is conveniently situated in the heart of On Nut, Bangkok. There is a fantastic choice of quality apartments, studio, one and two bedrooms, at very affordable prices - either to buy or rent.

On site there is a large 7-11 convenience store open 24/7 along with Thai and Western style diners, a bar/coffee shop, Thai and oil massage plus laundries. Oh, and don't forget the 3 on site atms, very helpful and security will even get a taxi for you.

Sign at the Entrance to the Lumpiniville Condo Complex

Being in the condo rental business we get a lot of enquiries from people asking to rent a condo for maybe a few days or a few weeks. We have to say 'No, we cannot help'.

We appreciate why they ask, it is because renting a condo for a month is a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel room of the same standard (normally) for a month.

Sign Saying Condos Are Not Hotels - Lobby of a Bangkok Condo
08 November 2017

Cheap Charlies, the famous bar that closed in Sukhumvit 11 earlier this year is to reopen in Sukhumvit 50, On Nut! It is going to be located at Beacon Place near the Link Condo complex. 

The Old Cheap Charlies
27 October 2017

The On Nut area seems to attract massage shops like mosquitoes to bare ankles.

There are over 30 massage shops and spas within a 10 minute walk of On Nut BTS station, and therefore a few minutes from any of the condominiums in On Nut. In fact there are 2 massage shops within the Lumpiniville Condo Complex in Sukhumvit 77.

Take your time and walk around - until you find one you fancy

New Massage Shops in Sukhumvit 79, On Nut