Entrance to Corner Bar Before it Was Changed

Eating out in On Nut can be very cheap, but if you want traditional western food you will be dissapointed. Ok, there is KFC, McDonalds and Pizza Company but is that really traditional western food? 

So if you are after traditional western food you will need to go a bit further away. More of that in a later post.

Getting back to On Nut. There is a huge choice of Thai street food available for those that like it or are on a tight budget. The main areas where you will find it is from Big C in Sukhumvit 77 towards Sukhumvit Road then along Sukhumvit Road towards the On Nut BTS station. There are of course other pockets of stalls but the area I describe is where the majority of choices are available. Time of day is also relevant, most stalls will be open in the afternoon and evening, with a lesser amount in the morning.

The Corner 79 BarRight next to the BTS station is the Corner 79 bar. There are numerous food stalls co-located with it and it is very popular with foreigners and Thai people alike. A couple of the stalls sell snack type western food such as french fries and hamburgers.

You can't miss it. It's more or less adjacent to the BTS station on the otherside of the road from Tesco Lotus. Again, time is critical and the bar and stalls are generally open from 5pm. As you can see from the picture on the left, there is a water feature!

Tesco Lotus and Big C have their own food courts where the dishes are inexpensive but on the small side. However, many foreigners and Thai people use these courts as the food is good, cheap and of course the environment in which you eat is clean and air conditioned.

As already mentioned there is KFC outlets in Tesco Lotus and Big C. There is a McDonalds and Pizza Company in Tesco Lotus. Subway is a short walk away from Tesco Lotus (towards Bang Jak) located in a small shopping mall on the same side of the road.

Now it comes to Thai barbeques. There are two outdoor (with a roof) barbeques where you can eat as much as you like for a set fee. You cook the food yourself at your table. This can be a cheap way to eat a lot, but if you buy beer and ice the total price goes up quite a bit.

The oldest one is called Best Beef, and it specialises in the different cuts of beef you can get. It is located on Sukhumvit Road towards Phrakanong, from the On Nut BTS station and just past Diamond Sukhumvit condos and on the same side of the road. You remain seated at your table here, completing a small checklist menu indicating what you want. Hand it to a member of staff and the items will be brought to your table for you to cook. As far as I know this check list is in Thai so having a person who can read Thai available will be handy. There is car parking available at Best Beef.

The other outdoor barbeque is located between Diamond Sukhumvit condos and Sukhumvit 50 where Tesco Lotus is on the corner. This one is a traditional Thai barbeque and very good value as long as you do not drink too much beer! Just find a table and go and select what you want from the buiffet area, bring it back to the table and cook!

Thats enough for now, more to follow.

UPDATE 2019: Century Plaza shopping mall and cinema is now open adjacent to the BTS station and on the site of the old On Nut Market. There are numerous eating places inside the plaza typical of all shopping malls in Bangkok.

Corner Bar is not as it was but food is still available at the same location.

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