As we all know the Covid restrictions has led to a dramatic reduction in the numbers of people wanting to rent a condo in Bangkok. 

But, and it is a big but, is the fact that for people already renting in Bangkok and want to move, now is a great time to get a bargain.

Most landlords have or will reduce rents.

The problem with this is that many of these renters think they are on their own and spend days viewing great condos already at reduced rents, trying to find the elusive number one deal. But find that they can't.

So they want one they viewed days ago but it is too late, and find that it has has been taken by a more decisive and savvy person who is well aware that the decent condos at reduced rents are snapped up.

An example: A very nice 2 bed condo right next to a BTS station was put on the rental market  - the rent having been reduced from 40,000 Baht to 25,000 Baht.

Details of the condo were sent by the owner to various agents including us.

We notified a client of ours who was looking for a good deal in the area this condo was in and as soon as he saw it, he didnt hesitate, and took it. Much to the consternation of the other agents who had clients of their own booked in to see it later the same day.

We did the same thing a few weeks ago but our client missed out by thinking they could find a better deal. When they realised they had already been offered great deals it was too late, they lost the lot.

So I will leave you to make up your mind as to what to do when offered great deals in the area or condo you are interested in.

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