This is a simple guide as to the process that you follow when you rent a condo or house through On Nut Condos in Bangkok. The basics are always the same, but some circumstances may make it slightly different.

how to rent flowchart

How to Rent - Simple Guide to the Process

1. Decide on the condo or house you are interested in renting.

2. Negotiate the rent and check how the electricity and water charges are paid. If they are not paid directly to the authorities but to the landlord, the chances are that the costs will be much higher than paying direct.

3. If the negotiations fail, find another property.

4. So all is well, and the amount of rent is to your liking. Decide when you want to move in.

5. If it is immediately and both parties agree, you can pay the first month's rent in advance and a security deposit (normally twice the monthly rent). Then sign the contract and get the keys.

6. If the move-in date is later, you will need to pay a booking fee to reserve the property. The amount will vary according to the rent but is normally between 2000 and 5000 Baht. This is non-refundable if you pull out. If all goes according to plan this fee is deducted from the security deposit at the time of signing the contract.

7. When the move-in date arrives, pay the first month's rent in advance and the security deposit (twice the monthly rent less the booking fee). Then sign the contract and get the keys.

As soon as you get the keys, and before moving in, it is advisable to video the property and keep the file. This is to protect you in the event of a problem when you vacate the premises. From experience, after a year living in a property, it is easy to forget what is yours and what is the landlords. In addition, a video can also show minor defects, etc.

Enjoy your new home!

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