• Drone Owners Beware in Thailand

    A Typical Drone Flying

    If you own a drone or are thinking of getting one, it is now a requirement that it is registered before it flies in Thailand.

  • Most Condominiums are Not Hotels or for Short Term Rentals

    Sign Saying Condos Are Not Hotels - Lobby of a Bangkok Condo

    Being in the condo rental business we get a lot of enquiries from people asking to rent a condo for maybe a few days or a few weeks. We have to say 'No, we cannot help'.

    We appreciate why they ask, it is because renting a condo for a month is a lot cheaper than staying in a hotel room of the same standard (normally) for a month.

  • Smoking Ban on Thai Beaches

    A Hammock on a Thai Beacj Whilst this does not really apply in Bangkok it will if you travel to your favourite beach in Thailand. The authorities are planning to implement a total ban on smoking on beaches. At first the main beaches in Pattaya, Phuket, Hua Hin, Koh Samui etc will be targeted, with the others following later.

    They say that receptacles will be provided at entry points to the beaches so that smokers can deposit their cigarette butts before entering the beach area.